19 Oct 2011

    Is this thing on?

    *taps mic* one two, one two…

    16 Dec 2010

    I bet you’ve never looked this pimp at one of your xmas parties have you? nope. :)

    I bet you’ve never looked this pimp at one of your xmas parties have you? nope. :)

    16 Dec 2010

    It seems…

    For every 1lb of weight I lose, I bolt another 3lb of weight onto my bike.

    today see’s the addition of a seat bag to move all my repair tools out of my rackbag where they rattle around and annoy me every time I hit a bump in the road.

    Then there’s also now a second lock as my primary one (which is one of the most secure on the market) doesnt have a sold-secure rating so my bike is uninsured unless I use a ‘rated’ lock. except my bikes value only requires silver so I have to carry/use a cheap pos lock to ‘enable’ my insurance cover and then actually secure it from thieves with my other lock which costs 3x the price. it’s pretty much fucking ridiculous.

    oh well, more weight on the bike » MTFU » me working harder to ride » more calories burnt » me being more awesome. or something like that.

    16 Dec 2010

    “193.5lbs (2lbs loss, 79.5lbs lost so far, 20.5lbs to go)”
    — Weigh In - 15th December 2010 (24 weeks remaining)

    8 Dec 2010

    measuringlife said: umm YOU'RE WELCOME. that's a fantastic song, you should be thrilled that it's stuck in your head :P

    no… just no! :P

    7 Dec 2010

    What I learned from tonights run…

    It is TMI Tuesday still right? *checks clock* yup. good, got a real doozy for ya…

    Pro Tip: Unless you are Paula radcliffe always go before you leave the house for a run.

    When you are fearful of taking another long stride lest you unleash hell puts a real dampener on your run, trust me.

    Managed to get halfway through the session before bowing out but no amount of MTFU can hold back the call of nature so off home I went at fast as I could without openly inviting trouble.

    Gutted I only got 5k in but I’m off work Thursday & Friday so I’ll be out for either a long ride or run if I can.

    7 Dec 2010

    Running tonight!

    Haven’t been for a run in 2 weeks TWO WEEKS!

    Been looking forward to this all day…

    in other news, my landlord sent me a text to say the heating should be back on. woohoo no more showering at the gym!

    2 Dec 2010

    Made it home…

    Some weird clearly extraterrestrial black ice blobs in the road nearly had me off the bike though. I actually shouted ‘what the f*ck!’ as they seemed to rise out of the ground before me (ok so I was concentrating on passing another cyclist going verrrrrrrrrry slowly through the junction but only because I didn’t want to get caught by the traffic behind us turning left honest).

    I wobbled swore a lot, looked around to see if anyone else saw my inelegant sweary ballet (as you do) and carried on as per usual.

    I got the shipping notification for the tyres already and they’re being overnighted. fingers crossed they’ll arrive at the office before I leave tomorrow. if so I’ll be cycling back home at lunch with them slung over my shoulder so I can fit them while the boiler man tries to fix my heat (finally!)

    So unless tomorrow is ice city I’ll have ridden every day we’ve had snow so far this week (it’ll also be my first week with 5 days commuting in a row) and have not had to rely on the public transport system (which is in a state of collapse right about now) once which  I think will earn me my snow merit badge for sure.

    2 Dec 2010


    Just sourced some studded ice tyres in the UK and got confirmation they have them in stock…

    Looks like I get to keep rolling through the winter for sure now.


    2 Dec 2010

    Riding to work in the snow

    makes me feel like a bloody superhero when I arrive in the office much to everyones amazement.

    Mucho slush and compacted snow about today so it was a careful ride in with some friends but only had two minor “oh shi-” moments where the back wheel wanted to show off by going side to side instead of forwards.

    Am hoping todays traffic clears the roads for tonights return journey otherwise it’s going to be majorly icy which I’m sure will mean it’s new underpants time before I get home. lol

    Am tempted to MTFD and take the bike on the riverboat back along the thames instead but where’s the fun in that?

    Also srsly… where’s my damn studded ice tyres Germany! What gives? I thought you guys were ultra-efficient and shiz.

    1 Dec 2010

    Ahhh yeah!

    My scales resolutely stayed under my goal weight by half a pound this morning so I guess we can call that a successful week.

    I think I can attribute the excellent loss to having finally struck the right balance with my net calorie goal for the day (1800kcal plus burnt calories from exercise). I realise now I was actually under-eating (base of 1400kcal plus burnt by exercise) which is what slowed me down, I’m actually now at the point where I can eat pretty much normally (i.e. no foods a sin with the right portioning) and my increased activity will keep the weight loss coming.

    In other news the snow gods were kind today and the roads were nice and clear (even if the pavements were still mucho treacherous, sucks to be a pedestrian I guess) so the ride in was fine apart from the evil headwind that seems to oppose me no matter which direction I travel in. Am making the most of the careful driving as people adjust to the conditions because I know that the bad driving will ramp up again once people get used to the snow and start making things more dangerous again, so far people are behaving themselves pretty well though.

    1 Dec 2010

    “195.5lbs (3.5lbs loss, 77.5lbs lost so far, 22.5lbs to go)”
    — Weigh In - 1st December 2010 (26 weeks remaining)

    30 Nov 2010

    Damn it’s cold…

    No running tonight, the ride home kicked my arse big time, head wind, a damn blizzard for the last 3 miles, giant puddles everywhere and the final 200m was just thick snow with a nice layer of ice underneath…

    Time for a hot water bottle, bed and my book (monster island).

    Fingers crossed the world I see outside my window in the morning has a cycleable road surface cos if I can I’m riding in again.

    See you in the AM for WiW.

    30 Nov 2010


    Tonights Triton run has been cancelled. f**king snow :(

    30 Nov 2010

    mikewakesup said: Too bad you're not in the US. I happen to know (work for) a really great place to buy winter tires. Or any other car/light truck tire. Best of luck!

    That’s cool, these were for my bicycle anyhoo. But my next port of call would have been the states to import them if germany was a bust but I don’t pay import duty if it comes from the EU so it’s slightly cheaper. thanks all the same dude :D